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KaiL Baxley

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On his second album A Light That Never Dies which will be released in North America on June 2, 2015 via Forty Below Records (MRI/RED), KaiL Baxley has returned with a hard hitting, lush and beautifully haunting collection of songs. Co-produced with Producer/Engineer Eric Corne whose recording credits include Lucinda Williams, Glen Campbell, Kim Deal and John Mayall, the album was recorded over the last year in three different cities (Los Angeles, CA; Brooklyn, NY;  and Charleston, SC).

"We used a lot of really old gear on this one to capture that warm analog sound and preserve its truth, says KaiL about the album.  I’m proud of what Eric and I got out of the studio and I'm eager to get out on the road and share it with people.

Hailing from the small backwater town of Willison-Elko – a town so small that most people  in South Carolina don’t  even  know  where  it  is,  much  less  the  rest  of  the  world.  It's  only  claim  to  fame  is  soul  legend James Brown,  with  whom  Baxley  shared  an  unlikely  friendship  as  a  child.  Perhaps  this  was  one  of  the leading influences  in  Baxley's soul-drenched  music...  or  perhaps  it  was  the  similar  circumstances  in which they  were raised that fuels such deep emotion in an individual.

Abandoned  by both his mother and father as a small child Baxley was raised by his grandfather Woody until age 12. When he passed away, KaiL bounced from one living situation to another, rarely living in one place for more than  a  year  at  a  time.  It  was  in  this  constant  migration  that  he  found  escape  in  a  pair  of  old  RCA headphones.

"It  wasn't  all  bad  really,  he  recalls. I  got  to  know  quite  a  bit  of  music  from  all different genres  during  that time period. I'd stay with my uncle for a while and pick up some Van Morrison; my auntie gave me the Stones; friends parents turned me on to gospel. Then I discovered hiphop and it was all over. I was hooked."

This  is  the  very  apparent  source  of  inspiration  in  KaiL  Baxley's  genre-bending  music  that  also  blends blues, indie rock, soul, gospel, and syncopated hiphop-style beats into a most exquisite and easily drinkable cocktail of sound – a sound that he has dubbed "Soul Swagger."
KaiL’s debut effort, Heatstroke/The Wind and the War, was presented as a double EP which displayed the yin and yang of  his musical  range. A surprise nominee for NPR's Album Of  The  Year, it  received critical acclaim, including a  debut  at  SXSW,  where  Baxley  was  tapped  as, One  of NPR’s  top  new  artists byAll  Songs Considered.

“His voice falls somewhere between Joe Cocker and Bill Withers  with a husky authority.  The guy is a whiz-bang folkie-turned-soul-rocker  and has a voice which can make you dance or which melts  butter,  depending upon the tune."- Frank Gutch Jr. / Segarini


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