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Tom Baxter

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After gathering broad critical and public acclaim for his first two albums - “Feather & Stone” and “Skybound” - Tom took time out to rediscover his passion for the guitar and love of song-writing. It was a journey that took him from the wilds of Devon, through the foothills of India, the mountains of Southern Spain, and ended in California. The end result was “The Uncarved Block - Part One” which showcases his masterful guitar-playing and the raw, confessionary depth of his lyrics and voice.

The man who cowrote the song 'Better', the modern day classic that has become entwined into the fabric of so many people's lives, has garnered broad appeal over the years, not only as a dextrous musician but also for a knack to wear his heart on his sleeve & connect in 'song' with his audience. Whilst Tom's music has been placed in numerous Hollywood films, his achingly beautiful voice has also been the backdrop to some of the nation's most exciting moments over the last few years, from the Beijing Olympics to the coverage of the 2012 Royal Wedding. Since the release of his first two albums, his songs have also been covered by the likes of Dame Shirley Bassey to Boyzone, as well as having respected names such as Tom Waits, Rufus Wainwright & Gary Barlow (to name a few), tipping their hats to him.

The success of “Feather & Stone” was built via word of mouth and his irresistible live shows; however, for “Skybound” Baxter decided to exemplify “creative ownership” and funded the recording by creating ten canvases, each a visual interpretation of a track on the album. The pieces were sold to eager admirers, before being displayed at the Richard Dennis Gallery in London. It’s an unusual multi-media template that Baxter intends to use again as he works on a new art project. “It’s how I intend to continue in terms of music, because it keeps me fresh. One medium feeds off the other.”

Few albums can claim to have been written in Devon, India, Spain, and California but if you listen closely you may soon find yourself transported to some otherly place. The "Uncarved Block- Part One" is now available & those who discover Tom Baxter rarely look back. Witness him live, and you’re part of that rare experience of an audience totally captivated by what they’re watching.

If a pin drops, you’ll hear it.

“I try to go into a zen-like state when I’m performing, because it’s important for me to realise that everybody has the potential to be affected by music. As an artist, that’s my aim.”

'Baxter’s commitment to song writing could inspire the lovelorn and unjade the jaded’'s our good fortune that Baxter abides by his own rules and that's what helps to make his records a genuine event...‘ - Paul Sexton - The Sunday Times


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