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AJ The Dread

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I remember the first time I dropped a freestyle, I was just riding with a few of my friends listening to some music. I was 15. This guy I knew, Worm, always use to rap to any song he felt the mood. This particular time, we were with these females and they asked “ Aj how come you don’t rap?” I said “ Shit I don’t know just never really wanted to”. Worm began to rap some more but this time he started directing some of his disses towards me. Every punch line he dropped, the girls were like “oooo shit, Aj he got you” The first few times I laughed. As he kept going, I got irritated and just started spitting. He stopped and the two chicks we were with just stared at me for a while because I kept going for like 5 min. When I was done, they were in shock and just was quiet for a sec then “ DAMN AJ that shit was cold.” At the time I didn’t really think much of it. I just wanted to get him off my back. Before then I use to write poetry and read poetry books growing up. After my rap epiphany, so to speak, I began writing more and more poems, soon after raps. By the time I was 16, I was making beats and having freestyle sessions in my mother’s living room when she worked over nights.

I enjoy seeing people move and have a good time. I wouldn’t call it “Swagg” because honestly I really do not like that word, but my approach is more than just a one styled closed rapper. I consider myself to be an “outside the box performer” The songs that I write, I picture how the crowd will react to, not only what I am saying but the way I say it and how my presence is on stage. I love to interact with people and make them enjoy themselves even if they don’t want to. Mixing the elements of delivering pristine hip hot lyrics while injecting a “move your body” twist on it is the way to go. I love the feedback I get from the people.


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