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Brooke Waggoner

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Currently, I’m a Nashville-based “how do I want to be when I grow up?” creative who is continually seeking ways to marry current culture with my love for history and nostalgia. I believe in the transforming power of art and language. And we all need some transforming. Christ is a central part of my work, an intimate and very present force compelling me to push forward in relationship, even when it’s difficult and sludgy.

A little more about me: Artistically, I am first and foremost a piano player. For many many years now it has been my primary study. Secondarily, I am deeply connected to the writing of music: songs, compositions, scores, pieces—these mediums are so often my prose. And third, I sometimes enjoy singing. Since I was a young girl, these have been my vocational pursuits. Day after day, sitting at the piano. Tinkering. Tickling. Tweaking. 

Fast forward to university life — I studied at Louisiana State University earning a bachelor of music degree in composition and learned a great deal about the world of “high art” music. In tandem with this period in my life, I discovered the joy of live music, clubs and bars with sweaty singers and guitars being used like weapons—fixed and pointed. LOUD.  I decided in the summer of 2006 to leave hot and humid Louisiana for the hills of Tennessee—specifically Nashville. And I’m still here. I’ve made many albums, releasing material that opened up numerous pathways into tv/film licensing, opportunities to see the world through touring, gigs with iconic musicians, a deep study into Entrepreneurship 101 through the wild world of music business
My life has since quieted down a bit —

I live inside a vibrant patch of woods with my husband and children that we affectionately refer to as The Treehouse and I now teach music at Lipscomb University (lyric labs, upper divisional songwriting—fancy words for what have always been my pastimes). I continue to help other artists in my community with their work, either in the production realm, co-writing, or simply lending an ear to their music. 

My goal is to always keep listening, through communal life and the quirk of each individual. Through the natural world. The divine. Through eyes and ears and lips.


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