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Maceo Paisley

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Sammy Davis, Jr. Fresh Prince. The Pharcyde. A great lineage of entertainers who have influenced LA-based rapper/dancer/singer MACEO PAISLEY. He's been compared to Gene Kelly by the folks over at Milk Studios. Holiday Matinee called him a polymath and Noisey calls him a self-proclaimed dork. "All through my childhood people called me "weird", then around high school they started calling me "unique". I'm not sure which one was is correct but I am not too keen on labels. I suppose of you are reading this you are looking for some type of definition," says Maceo as he bounces around the room like a sugared-up tween on a virtual hoverboard. After being introduced to LA-based production team Riot City (known for their work with singer CONWAY) by Neil Popkin (who also plays guitar in the band), Maceo was able to merge his off-the-wall antics and unique storytelling with a barrage of day-glo beats and twisted soundscapes. Songs flowed, tacos followed and now Maceo and his band are ready for their maiden voyage. Wheels up. Throttle. Seat back....Here we go! "If you were to ask me, I'd say I am just a youthful spirit trapped in an adult world. I'm trying to navigate the best I can and steal a few kisses from a pretty girl or two as I draw all over the walls and fold origami cranes. I love recess as much as I love language arts so you are just as likely to find me practicing parkour as writing poetry. Music has taken me places that I never thought I would go, so we'll see if this rabbit whole has an end." Wise words from the smartest nerd in the room.


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