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De La Vina

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DeLaVina is the folk, soul, blues project of Miguel Bowser. Miguel is a Taurus who behaves like an Aries. It is said that he suffers from Transzodiac Disorder. Psychiatrists around the globe are scrambling for a cure. His first guitar was destroyed by his younger sister in a similar fashion to that of Hendrix when he destroyed his guitar at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. The destruction of the guitar came as a consequence for having destroyed his little sister's bicycle. As the eldest of the two, he takes full responsibility for the conflict. Being born along the seashore and breathing in the same breeze as R.L. Stevenson, Henry Miller, John Steinbeck among other epic writers, he too eventually developed a keen sense for the pen and all its by-products. The ocean inspired him to search for the depths of life and travel. He eventually joined the Navy to circumnavigate the world and fight Terror. Due to evidence of WMDs his circumnavigation was interrupted by a port stay in the Arabian Gulf. Despite an honorable discharge and a surly desire to find out why men would want to hide their daughters in black cloaks, he often wonders where the WMDs were located before they were rumored to have been disassembled by Aladdin's genie in exchange of course for the genie's freedom. Ironically, the Navy never taught him to sail, but it did teach him about peace. He now rests in peace in Los Angeles, CA. If you'd like to meet him for a cup of tea or coffee in his humble abode, you can schedule an appointment with his wife, but she must first attain approval from his daughter, who must wait for a clearance on a background check carried out by his son. It is quite an impractical bureaucracy so you are better off getting to know him through his music where you are assured to enjoy his company and where he is far more interesting, articulate, and confident in the art of conversation.


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