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Burning Palms

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was it the sahara desert in 2014 BC or the sonoran desert in 2014 AD? does it matter? could it ever really matter? when the gods have used the sun to create and destroy, to nurture or neuter, to shed light or seize it, the only recourse is submission to a power so great as to be incomprehensible, the same omnipresent hand whose control looms in every solar system, in every galaxy, and in every universe and beyond. and when you stare - infinity for you, but really just the time it takes to emit the briefest of cackles from the presence that made you aware of everything and nothing - when you stare at your own hands that foolishly attempted to harness or usurp or control that which controls you, a few inches away from the stigmata will be the gods' response: a timeline of eternity etched perfectly in your burning palms.


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