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Tiffany Baker

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Tiffany Baker is a combination of contradictions that add up to a cohesive whole. A motivator offstage, she has a good enough attitude to be a dauntless, fearless stand-up. Simultaneously, she has a "bad" enough attitude to have an onstage edge and sardonic irreverence in her act. She is an aesthetically striking young woman, with her lustrous brunette mane, tone physique, and photogenic features. Yet she can also deftly and gamely "play ugly," ridiculous, or the fool, -a great comedic asset- as when she lampoons her own Bostonian vocal regionalization, or in a ticklingly funny bit of physical material in which she recounts being mistakenly perceived as dancing.

Baker knows better than to think that, in the 21st century, stand-up is still about "jokes" in the old-fashioned 'badum-ching' sense. She knows it is, instead, more organically about relatability, humanity, truths, and points of view. In contrast to some of the joke booky material of her onstage peers, she will explain to you why a homeless person she encountered was "the man." Or size up a gal & guy sitting together in the front row like a streetwise friend and reel off a riotously specific account of what their association's future holds.

An actress and improviser as well, her actor's engine informs her stand-up and energizes her oratorical prowess. The magic in her stand-up is that you can't tell what content is actually spontaneous and what is prepared. Her onstage dexterity allows her to work off of individual audience members, and seamlessly weave in and out of topics: "Back to channel nine." With an onstage act that you wouldn't even recognize from several months ago, she's a naturally talented entertainer who is ever-evolving. Always keeping the volleyball in the air, she's infectiously combustible, yet casually ingratiating, capable of working wonders with ANY crowd. You can't not laugh. She's certainly something to watch!


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