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Avenue H

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Avenue H started as an idea made by Christian and Josh, although the original name was Against the Grain. Both Chris and Josh, played a 2 song set at City Tech College where they met, soon to be bassist, Eric Perez and changed their name to Moderately Filthy. They played their first gig together on March 1st in a sketchy basement. The stage had nice features including a real live toilet, in case w...e had to take a shit in between songs. That day we met Keith Simonelli. He asked us to jam a few days later and lo and behold, he joined the band. Unfortunately, a few weeks later Eric quit the band. We no longer felt that our name suited us as well anymore so, again, we discussed a name change; Made In 9 became the new band name. After playing a few shows in Brooklyn, we decided to record our songs so folks can enjoy real music, and not that EDM bullshit!! After only 5 hours Made In 9's unofficial EP, Defend Punk Rock, was finished. Then we partied and had sex. That summer we had a show at Don Pedro's in Brooklyn. nothing out of the ordinary until we're puzzled as to how in the fuck were gonna get our shit to the bar. So as a last minute idea, we rent a U-haul the size of mother fucking russia to only take up about an 1/8th of the room we needed. Piece of shit uhaul. After a great show and a broken bass, we got stoned and drove back with 5 people in pitch black holding onto nothing for their dear lives!! We played a few more local shows to have fun and to put our name out there. On the last nice summer day, Keith and Josh ventured to Coney Island to enjoy the last bit of sun and on that fateful day, Keith thought of the name Avenue H, and since then, we've grown as a band, as musicians, and as friends. Then comes tom and ruins everything.... just kidding. Tom Devlin, the Kurt Cobain Reincarnation, decided to join because he loved us. His style and voice flowed perfectly with ours, and we were hooked with his dimeanor. This is only part 1 of Avenue H's epic journey to mind blowing awesomeness. Stay tuned because WE HAVE COOKIES AND CAN PLAY POLKA MUSIC!


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