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Axis of Death

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With the drive and vision of grandmaster Jessie Martinez, Axis Of Death was created from the charred remains of Metal in it's true form and with the blessing of the dark lord Satan. Many believe Metal died with the passing of the great Dimebag Darrell, but Jessie would hear none of it. The quest to gingerly rape the ears of the public started in January 2011 with the acquisition of Randy Rhodes' bastard child in the role of lead guitarist. Things began to look up as the melodic god of uber happy strumming plucked his way to a seemingly "shoe-in" nomination to be the prize at the end of a double rainbow. Jessie knew an element was missing and in came the drummer. He brought with him a kit to be envied my guitar hero/rock band enthusiasts world wide. 2 months passed as a fire burned inside Jessie to purge himself of these hair band video game prodigy's. A real life "kneel before Zod" moment was on the horizon as Jessie's blood boiled over and his mighty fist slammed on the ground. Many members now lay in the pantheon of the gone forever, so the search began for true metal heads, and as if the stars had aligned and the seas parted and after many lineup changes, in stepped Richard Wright. With a desire to punch babies that he channeled through his instrument like no other, Jessie knew that Metal had arrived at his feet snarling like a rabid dog ready to be unleashed


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