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The Fire & The Phoenix

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Dreams, Passion, Heart, Fire. Those are the elements in the world of The Fire & The Phoenix. We are a band that focuses on delivering songs that resonate in the heart. Only the heart is capable of feeling such passion and such excitement. The guitars sing loud and proud like the running of a hot rod engine, with the bass guitar bringing flares of early mod rock aggression. The drums rhythmically storm their way through the song like a thunderous stampede while the vocals soar over the vast sonic landscape. The ingredients of the sound are so necessary in order to accompany the lyrical tapestry of the bands deeper message. The songs are meant to uplift, to inspire; to turn the mundane into the ecstatic. The true fascination of the band lies within the members and their individual roads that led them all to the same place. Jamie and Evan were both born and raised in Syracuse, New York and met each other on their 13 year old All Star Baseball team. Jamie was obsessed with the song writing style of John Rzeznik (The Goo Goo Dolls) and Evan wanted nothing to do with any music that didn't sound like Guns N Roses. In their senior year of high school, they reconnected when continuously running into each other's bands at various battle of the band competitions around Syracuse. After graduating high school, Jamie moved to Los Angeles to become a famous rockstar and convinced Evan to go with him. Simultaneously, KC was growing up in Riverside, California and learning how to play the drums under the instruction of Ginger Baker's son, Kofi Baker. After spending his early twenties in the Navy, KC moved to LA to pursue a career as the rock drummer we know today. Max was raised in Seattle, during the time when the city was becoming the grunge capital of the world. After moving to Los Angeles and winning the battle over substance addiction, he decided to return to his Seattle influences and pursue rock n roll for a living. It was with these select circumstances that the members met and formed The Fire & The Phoenix.


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