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On The Bus

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In 1964 Ken Kesey had a problem. Every time the bus would stop for gas or something, some of the Pranksters would wander off and whenever it was time to leave, at least one Prankster could not be found. Hence the metaphor, "You're either on the bus or off the bus." Of course, no outsider had any idea what Kesey was talking about when he said that, because you had to have been on the bus that summer to get it. During this time a few friends of Kesey were putting together a little rock band in the bay area. It was crazy time in history..lots of things were going on in the world, but for a few crazy kydds in the late sixties an escape was found through music. They weren't the only ones who found it. The once small community of friends and family grew in numbers and pretty soon these happenings were occurring in extremely large events all across the world. New friends were made and many dances were shared, but all the while some important things were not tended to and eventually it had to burst...but the story doesn't end here. Fragments that were scattered from the eruption all led to new beginnings... Flash-forward 40 years... Kesey said it best...."Jerry was a warrior...What he did was pry a chink out of the wall and let the light come through the hole. It's up to us to keep that hole open. We've got a world to save. This guy is going to kick our ass if we get up there and we haven't carried the torches." Taking on this task are the musicians who are On the Bus. What started as an informal basement jam session turned into a glorious vehicle carrying the music of the Grateful Dead to parties, festivals, benefits and clubs all around the region. On the Bus gigs regularly in DC, MD, VA, WV and Furthur to delighted Deadheads, and plays the music true to form. On the Bus is a member of the Rex Foundation's Musical Caravan, the Grateful Dead's charitable organization founded by Jerry Garcia and others in the 80's. "Celebration In The Wind Open the doors Let the show begin Come like lightning come like rain come on the double with your ball and cahin come with your trouble your sweat and strain Check 'em all at the door with your grief and pain" -Robert Hunter


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