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A-Team: Aceyalone & Abstract Rude PROJECT BLOWED

A-Team: Aceyalone & Abstract Rude PROJECT BLOWED 1 Photo

Meet the co-founders of PROJECT BLOWED better known as The A-Team: Aceyalone & Abstract Rude. Since 1st appearing at the legendary Good Life Cafe as The A-Students (circa '93), Acey & Ab have been at the helm of the post Good Life LA Underground era (documented in the film THIS IS THE LIFE), ushering in a new generation of male & female Freestyle Fellowship affiliates (ie; Urban Prop, S.I.N., Volume 10, Ganjah K & ATU). With the help of producers like DJ FatJack, JMD & the EQB, Chillin Villain Empire, Digiak & The Nonce, A-Team Productions crafted the classic Project Blowed Compilation. A style odyssey of sorts, made in the same tradition of FF's To Whom It May Concern comp made 2 years prior, the Blowed Compilation unified the scene at Leimert Park & became the blueprint for every up & coming indie rap crew across the nation. A 10yr anniversary compilation followed a decade later introducing even newer entities like Acid Reign, Customer Service & Swim Team. Thanks to Ben R Caldwell & family, owner of KAOS Network, and other key contibuters like Mass Men, B-boy Kingdom, Afterlife Records, Ellay Khule & Good King Badru, etc., the Project Blowed workshop is enjoying its 20th year anniversary this December 2014. Acey the Faceman & A.B. Baracus have done the most for the coast with worldwide touring and about a dozen solo lps between them, to add to their 4-5 collab projects they've worked on together. For their last show, they headlined Flow & Tell vol.6 (an event Abbey Rizzle presents biannually at URBAN UNDERGROUND WEEKLY), well they reeked havoc there, went back underground, now guilty by dope association they return to clear their good names in North County, but the question still remains...Who Framed The A-Team? Photography by Caddy One


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