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Josiah Atchley

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Josiah Atchley was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee. A pastor’s son, he, like his brother and sisters, was homeschooled. Constantly surrounded with a rich history of music and musical instruments, it didn’t take long for him to pick up on his family tradition. He began writing his own material around the age of 17 and by the age of 19 had graduated from the usual coffee shop fare to frequent appearances in clubs, bars, and restaurants. Daunted by the struggle to be recognized and the task of discovering his true identity as an artist, Josiah left Knoxville to join the Marine Corp. Upon his return home, his thoughts were focused toward finding a career, far from any notion of rejoining the music scene. One summer day, purely on a whim, Josiah made his way down to Market Square to “busk” and gauge what kind of public reaction he might receive. This seemingly random decision brought about a critical turning point in his journey. Benjamin Reynolds happened to be riding his bicycle through the Square on that very day. Hearing Josiah play, he proposed a jam session. When Benjamin heard his new friend’s original music, he immediately began to encourage him to pursue and develop his talents, telling Josiah that he was selling himself short as a musician and as an artist. Ben’s honesty, encouragement, and tendency to push Josiah out of his comfort zone helped the artist within begin to grow exponentially. Shortly after this fateful meeting, Josiah was convinced that he should invest in music again. Writing a series of new songs flavored with a fresh sound and an image that he actually believed in, he began booking shows throughout Knoxville. With the slogan “Be Heard,” he aggressively hit the promotional avenues, hoping for the right people to hear his music and believe in it. Finally, his work ethic and dedication to the craft finally paid off. One night after a small show at the local TGI Friday’s, he was contacted by Cora Elmore. Cora has been involved in the music industry for her whole life and had taken a liking to Josiah’s original sound. She shocked the young artist by offering to sponsor his first recording. Not only was she willing to sponsor his EP project, she hooked him up with Knoxville’s premier studio and producer. Travis Wyrick of Lakeside Studio, a Grammy-nominated producer, known for recording and producing the likes of Ten Years, P.O.D., Pillar, and many more successful acts, was to help create this dynamite EP. Fast forward a few months and Josiah was still hitting the studio with Danny Michel, a local powerhouse blues guitarist, and band member Jared White on drums. Travis Wyrick continues to act as a constant voice for good in Josiah’s ear, offering advice and development. Mike D provides the skillful sound engineering for this highly-anticipated album debut. All the while, Mr. Atchley can be found rubbing elbows with Knoxville’s most revered musicians: Melanie Howe (skilled djembe percussionist), Clint Mullican (member of Baseball, bass) and Julius Blue (member of The Blue Brothers, keyboardist). All of these amazing artists teamed up to record this unparalleled EP in just one week. This EP is the final piece of the puzzle in this performer’s success. After its completion, he now turns his attention for this campaign of artistry. He begins his full-time musical career with a fantastic band behind him, a professional online presence, and a group of loving and loyal fans supporting his every move. Josiah Atchley plans for nothing less than a successful musical career. Join him on this journey. Be a part of something HUGE. Follow and support this talented young artist!


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