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Despite the Wolves

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Summer of 2006 found Nolan Davis and Sebastian Wynn auditioning lead guitarists/bassists. Marco Savoia shredded his way into the band and Despite The Wolves twisted into shape. Shortly after, they started to play shows and gained their following as a three piece. Numerous efforts to add a second guitarist buckled. The three decided to bite the bullet and Despite The Wolves headed to the studio to record their debut album, Throwing Knives at Mirrors. Three months of studio work with Jeremy Craw and the tracks were completed. In perfect sync, so was the search for a new guitarist. Despite The Wolves took on the youngster, Ryan (Boo) Fawley and continued writing and playing shows for the next year. During the course of that year, just when Despite The Wolves thought they were complete, they met vocalist Jeremy Hall. After he presented the idea of a second vocalist to Despite The Wolves, and one practice deep, Despite The Wolves knew they had found the winning combination.


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