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Baby Baby

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In the summer of 2009, the Greek Gods of Georgia held a secret meeting to discuss efforts to improve the state of the current music scene. Luckily, Fontez and Grant we're on Adventure Time that day and eavesdropped on the conversation. "We will save you!" they said with heartfelt jubilation. "But how? You are from the suburbs" responded the Gods. "Two words," said Fontez. "Fucking Fun Rock." And so it was written. Since B-Day bombed nearly five years ago, the group expanded to include Colin 'cow cow' Boddy, Kyle 'wabadaba' Dobbs and Ryan 'real talk' Burruss. With no money in their pockets, the quintuple released their first full length "Money" in 2011 and will release their next LP "Big Boy Baller Club" early next year. The babies have released 5 music videos collecting a trivial 100K hits and continually tour as much as they can. In the words of the philosopher Adam DeMamp, "Let's get weird."


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