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Avalon Omega

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High-voltage pop stylist Avalon Omega is a paragon of 21st century expression. Fast, shiny, and glamorous in both image and sound, the electrifying singer-musician has created a distinct, modern brand of music, one that is remarkable both for an original tone and deceptive simplicity. Her flamboyantly playful attitude is always securely anchored by coolly authoritative manner, an unusual combination which is drastically appealing. Omega’s boiling spring of talent is the result from her remarkable lineage and technical education: her great uncles were the driving force behind cherished 1970s era Native American rock & roll hit-makers Redbone and Omega herself is a classically trained cellist with orchestral experience, one who has formally studied musical appreciation and studio production. Such a collision of musical DNA, scrupulous technique and high personal style is rare and Omega unfailingly capitalizes on the the sheer natural power this high-octane elemental mix carries. Already a veteran in her early 20s, Omega began writing songs at 14 and never looked back. "I wrote every day for years, and I write everything, the music and the lyrics,." She says. "I made a point to do a song a day, even if some it was crap. And sometimes I go back to it and find that, wow, it's actually pretty good. For me, what it comes down to is: I have to do it." At 18, she made her club debut, playing underground hip-hop epicenter the Airliner, in her native Los Angeles, and found that audiences unfailingly respond her to taut 'hip pop' approach. With an impressive original repertoire that numbers well into the hundreds, Omega's poise and self-assurance are utterly characteristic, her image is equally audacious and arresting. "Another important aspect of my music is the lyrical concept," she says. "Writing about yourself is hard, but there's a lot of messages conveyed, it's sexy in a way. I'm not selling sex, I'm not trying to be overt, because I need a little mystery. It's always positive and it's even more fun." "I'm working on a bunch of new songs." she says."And it's just getting so much better, so fast." The singer's poise, drive, instinct and talent combine with a resonant force that's certain to make significant impact on pop culture. Avalon Omega is a charismatic, irresistible figure, part romantic messenger, part dance floor provocateur, and she is always consistently focused on the music. "I just want people to hear it. That's the most important thing--to get it out there, right now."


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