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The Big Surprise

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Freshly formed and heavy horned, Los Angeles love child act The Big Surprise takes flight with cosmic modes and dulcet tones that leave thirsty ears quenched and hungry souls gormandized.
Craigslist spawns yet another illegitimate musical son with:

The Big Surprise WILL: Cheat on your taxes, fix you breakfast in the morning, clean behind your ears, paint you on a surfboard, find your soulmate, tickle your elmo, meet your parents, beat you at shuffleboard, adhere to your gluten-free diet, inflate your beach ball, milk your milkable livestock, bust you out of prison, detail the chrome on your car, and balance your alkaline level.

The Big Surprise WILL NOT: Give you a papercut, turn the water on while you're showering, judge your beanie baby collection, tilt the pinball machine, support your gambling habit, beat you with a bar of soap in a towel while you sleep, eat the last slice of pizza, take your friendship for granted, drink coffee after 10pm, open your mail, spill the beans, double dip the salsa, or turn the lights off during sex.


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