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JD Bender

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JD Bender is an American original. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he is the sole creator of the “Bakerbilly” sound which blends the old time Bakersfield honky tonk with classic 50’s rockabilly to create the kind of good time country music that makes you want to laugh at your worries and pour another drink. The tunes on this album are soulful, dark and funny. They come from that raw place inside of you just this side of desperation where you can still laugh at the ironies of the situation long after the bouncer has thrown you into the street and the judge has rapped his gavel and given you ninety days for not having the price of the fine in your wallet. This is defiance in the face of adversity, laughter in the face of tears. This is the kind of music that brings solace and soul out of the jukebox when the night is wearing down and there’s nowhere to go, the music that’s playing at the end of the night when the lights come on and you’re the last one standing, and the air is redolent with rye whiskey, cigarette smoke and cheap perfume. This is honky tonk music. This music tells America’s story like the great songwriters of the past. It is pure Americana. It comes from the heart and it is meant to make you feel things, think things and laugh at things that are familiar to all of us. You hear these tales in every bar room in America. JD Bender captures the heartbeat of the honky tonk and the corner tavern. If you can listen to these tunes and not want to get up and dance, you need to have a talk with your feet.


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