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Soul Ablaze

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Music changes. Music evolves. We change. We evolve. Soul Ablaze is something true and timeless. The wind will blow us towards different directions but from Dust to Dust we are where we begin. Beginning and End come together to form one full circle, one complete Soul Ablaze... Armed with an arsenal of lethal instruments ready to groove the masses and light up a stage with the melodic, hypnotic tunes that exude from the pores of the five members of the uncategorizable band, Soul Ablaze. This music is intended for the lovers of soul music. It is best experienced with minds wide open and is to be consumed immediately after opening. When listening to Soul Ablaze music it almost feels as if you are being taken to a place that no longer exists and at the same time has yet to even be fathomed into existence. But through the flavor that Soul Ablaze brings to the table we get a little taste of that future with nostalgic glimmers of yesteryear peeking from underneath the band’s unique and refreshing sound reverberating through the streets of San Diego. The instrumentation and vocals of Soul Ablaze meld together in a perfect swirl of funky fantastic, dirty delightful and bluesy stew of music. And it comes as no surprise that as raw and fluid as the music feels and sounds its inception is just as organic. Smith believes that inspiration can strike at any moment. “It is up to the artist to be ready to capture it. [Muse] comes in the form of watching and living every day.” It comes from our travels, experiences and relationships. Like the blood that flows throughout our bodies motivated by the beat of our hearts pumping, typically Verdell first hears the bass or drums of his next song and then from there the rest just flows. “It’s very important to capture what is heard in my head as well as remain true to my soul. I am interested in mood and tone. The artists that have inspired me have been the ones that have that understanding. To create a sound that is your own takes time. I don’t want to sound like anything that has come before me. Of course, the influences will emerge but the tone and the phrasing should be original. The message is always about the truth no matter the subject.” – Verdell Smith The truth of this matter is music is in Verdell’s bones. And the music is a laid back, magical instant love affair waiting to capture the attention of soulful beings yearning for a little more funk in their lives. -Tameeko Mullen


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