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Tim Bateman

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My name is Tim Bateman I am an Australian comedian living in Phoenix, Arizona. Well, I’m also an Australian, actually, ok, I’m a dual citizen. 2009 has been a fantastic year, four comedy contests, four finals and a win, finally, YEAH. My comedy consists of misunderstandings with a very strong Australian accent in the U.S., my observations of the American culture and my basic everyday life which can include arguing with my HOA, dating on-line, getting mad at all the restraints and controls this world seems obsessed with putting on us, my work, my obsession with sports and yelling at the T.V. Oh, I’m a registered Independent, so I like to poke fun at both the radical right and left wingers, it depends who pisses me off that day. Anyhooo, fwaa, fwaa, fwaa. I have waffled on enough. This Bio stuff is harder than I thought. Come and see me at a Show and make your own mind up.


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