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Lawrence P

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L a w r e n c e  P is an up and coming Soul Singer who is currently exploring a new genre of music he created called SOUL FUSION.

Best described as Hip Hop Soul with a taste of Jazz, Gospel, Funk, Country & Blues. 

"If James Brow is the Godfather of Soul, I guess Im the Godfather of Soul...Fusion."  L a w r e n c e  P was born in Chicago, Illinois but says Los Angeles, California is his home away from home. "Raised as an only  child, my mom always told me to do something constructive with my time, so I've always had to entertain myself."  L a w r e n c e  P has now grown into a one-man creative force. Similar to Prince when his career started,  Lawrence P wrote & produced all the music on his debut album "A Different Perspective." (Spur of the Moment Musik 2013) "If Michael Jackson & Aretha Franklin raised a child and Cee Lo & Busta Rymes was the babysitter , he would most likely have my style." Not only did he mix & master his own music, but through his video production company, EyeMagination Pictures, he also directed & edited all his music videos. "If anything the P stands for PASSION." Music has taking this one man dancing machine to Canada, Germany, Switzerland and every major city in the U.S.A. "Seeing the world has giving me a different perspective." Not only an artist, songwriter and performer, but indeed he is a creative factory writing hits at the pace of them good ole' Motown Days. Years of hard work finally paid off when  L a w r e n c e  P received a GRAMMY-NOMINATION  for his magical production work. "It felt good to finally be recognized as a force    in the music industry." A Different Perspective" LP is a Retro-Roller Coaster Ride for true lovers of soul music. L a w r e n c e  P & his live music group "The Dynomite Band,"  including veteran musicians,  background singers and breath-taking dances moves is setting up the SOULFUSIONLOVEMUSIK  tour coming to a city near you. For more information:

                                                                                          "What's Music if it ain't got no SOUL in it."

                                                                                                                                                                                                    - L a w r e n c e  P


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