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Shawn Lacy

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When asked who his biggest influencers were, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Shawn Lacy responded, “I try and surround myself with positive, good people at all times. Everyday they inspire me to write and perform at my very best and also to be the very best person I can be. These same influencers encourage me to keep pushing when things are tough and they provide me with that kick in the ass we all need once in a while”. 

The belief that surrounding yourself with positive people will produce positive results is certainly true for Lacy. Five years ago when he decided to leave Pennsylvania and head to Nashville to turn his passion for music into a full time career, he was not met with opposition from his family and friends, but rather encouragement and support. One of the main supporters was Hobby Weiss, a friend and the other half of the band Shawn was in at the time aptly named The Shawn & Hobby Band. Together with their band mates they took a leap of faith and made Nashville their home. Very quickly they made a name for themselves playing gigs on Broadway six nights a week while at the same time touring the country and establishing fans all over the US. Lacy says, “It wasn’t always easy, but once I looked into a crowd and saw people singing along with songs I had written I knew there was no turning back. I had to recreate that feeling for the rest of my life”. 

During their time together SHB opened for many well known artists such as Merle Haggard, The Guess Who, Randy Rogers, David Allan Coe, Phil Vassar, Lee Brice, Run DMC and Pat Green among others. 

This summer Lacy will release his first solo album entitled “Down South”. With it comes 6 songs that incorporate sounds from rock, soul, country, gospel and pop music. Lacy said it best when describing his music, “It’s tough to put it in a nice little box and label it as one type (of music). It’s better to just listen to it”. 


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