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Fancy Reagan

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Henry Miller is popularly quoted telling those burned and estranged from relationships that “the best way to get over a woman is to turn her into literature.” Musicians, on the other hand, turned estranged lovers into music. New York City songwriter/composer/keyboardist Jason Krebs did just that, writing a catalog of material for a band he had yet to form. Enlisting the help of drummer Chris Tsaganeas, guitarist/vocalist Rich Fuchs, and bassist Bobby Kay, veterans of the Northern New Jersey local music scene, the group locked themselves in their basement-level rehearsal space and fostered a sound that was dynamic and fresh, yet intensely familiar and intimate. 

Moving the group into New York City, up-and-coming vocalist/songwriter Sean Michael Murray joined the fray, adding his soaring, heartfelt vocals atop the proven alternative pop rock sound, and Fancy Reagan was born.


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