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Max Kala

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Max Kala is a Pomona-based post-hardcore/heavy realism band that makes visceral music featuring intense rhythms, strong musicianship, and creative arrangements designed to distract, motivate, and move. Lyrically, Max Kala seeks to encourage discourse by presenting modern hypocrisies and conflicts through an eastern philosophical lens. Max Kala takes their name from Kala - the Sanskrit word for time which is also the name of the Hindu deity of death. In Hindu philosophy time and death are synonymous and interchangeable in that the passage of time ensures death. Finally, kala also means the color black in the Hindi language - and Max Kala is known for their black attire during their performances accented only by prayer beads. Max Kala have a spectrum of songs in all stages of development. Look for their debut EP/Album to hit by summer of 2013. They occasionally release songs via their bandcamp and facebook pages.


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