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Hillneck Redbillies

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The Hillneck Redbillies are a band of rebel-rousing, in-bred, corn bread eatin', down-home country boys who happen to live in the North. Hailing from all over the South of East-Michigan, they were raised in a coal shovel on Willie, Waylon and Cash they take the Country cover/original band to the next level. Legend has it the one of the guitar player's great, great, great, great grandpappy's brought the words "ain't" and "honky tonk" into the English vernacular, and put the "Hoe" in Hoedown. The singer's got so many harmonicas, they say he needs a whole suitcase to carry them. The other guitar player's guitar has the original strings, and they're still there because he TOLD them not to break. The bass player's been cited as a natural resource and collects weekly checks from MichCON, and the drummer has always been shrouded in mystery and has even been known to change his appearance. Some say he was born in a Louisiana swamp & raised by alligators. Indeed, you will find no band more country than these 5 fellers no matter how hard you look around this great mitt-shaped state.


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