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The Ambivalent

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A classical pianist, hip-hop drummer, and blues/rock guitarist fell together to play a genre that you can't quite place your finger on. Coming out of the same music class in high school the only thing Kevin, Wyatt, and Neil had in common was their appreciation for music. Despite their musical differences, everything seemed to fall right into place and they carried out the year playing instrumental tracks. The three friends were eager to get together over the summer and get back into playing as they did months before in school. It began with a jam session in Kevin's crowded garage, as the drum kit was set up and amps plugged in, the first strike of a chord and whack of the stare, mixed with a rumbling bass and rapid crash symbol, was a sound that was always welcomed by their ears. Covers of their favorite bands would ring through the neighborhood over and over and over again, then original music started to emerge. The three decided that this may actually work out, however their were questions that needed to be answered; What kind of music should we right?, what kind of crowd should we draw? how do we even start this kind of thing?; the questions left the three ambivalent... hey that's kind of a cool word. And so they were born, as of August 2012, Wyatt, Kevin, and Neil became The Ambivalent and began writing original music and recording demos to become the band they are today almost a year later... You've read this much, so go and find out what their up to! Check out music, photos, and keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming tunes and events!


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