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Will C

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Will C grew up in a Midwest farming community near the blazing bright lights of Kansas City Missouri. As a child he was often dubbed: "the chubby kid" by classmates and: "the class clown" by his teachers. Not wanting these talents to go to "waist", Will C. began to aggressively pursue a career in acting and stand-up comedy.


Will C can be heard on the comedy channels of both XM and Sirius Satellite Radio, he has appeared in feature films such as “Seven Pounds” with Will Smith, “Yes Man” with Jim Carey and more commercials than he can list.


Will C has been a regular on Spike TV’s hit show “MANswers” for the last 3 seasons,  and currently he can be seen on Season 5 of Gene Simmons “Family Jewels”.


Will C is a favorite at comedy clubs, colleges, and military bases all over the world.


Will C. is a proud patriot, having served in The Air Force, The Marine Corps, and The Army.

Will C currently makes his home in Los Angeles, CA.

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