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Mason Reed

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Mason Reed has a story to tell. A story filled with broken hearts, bad luck, bloody concrete, rotten chances, ghosts, devils, witches, and women your mother warned you about. When you listen to his music, you can hear something special happening.

His unique, soul-filled, smoky voice,  and unique approach to his music is evidence that the singer-songwriter genre still has a few tricks up its sleeve, and that real Americana music hasn’t been fluffed over with soft, computer-generated guitar sounds and auto-tuned pop punk vocals.

Instead, some of the genre’s underground heroes, like Reed, are conjuring music and sounds as raw and haunting as ever before.

Reed’s new recorded album titled, “Up To My Neck In It,” is scheduled to be released in April of 2013. It was produced by Stuart Mathis (The Wallflowers) and features guitar and vocal performances from John Oates (Hall & Oates).  “It was an honor to get to work with all the players on the record,” Reed says “I’ve admired their music for years and now I get the honor of sharing some tape with some of the best talents on the planet.”

The new record features 10 new songs  and Reed’s signature whiskey soaked vocals.  “It’s a tragic group of songs in many ways, but it’s probably my most optimistic record at the same time. It’s a drinking record.”

In addition to his songwriting skills and musicianship, Reed is also known for his monster work ethic.   Logging close to 400 shows and 75,000 road driven miles since 2010, Reed lives the life he sings about in the song Hard Living:  It’s hard living, hard luck, It’s hard getting back on the truck, three days home and I’m back on the road.

When asked about his constant travel Reed says “Staying on the road has become a way of life for me know, I don’t feel quite right standing still.  I have to keep singing my songs.  I have to keep rolling.”

After moving from coast to coast and at one point playing guitar in the New York City subway to pay the rent, Reed also took part for a stretch in the Los Angeles singer-songwriter scene.  Despite his travels, he still considers Arizona his home: “All my true friends, the ones you never lose no matter what, they are all from the desert.” He’s settled again in recent times in Tucson, a location that seems to suit his gritty, dusty, go-for-broke approach to music.


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