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The Bloody Beetroots

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3 years! It took him a mere 3 years to achieve his position as worldwide leader on the electronic scene. For Bloody Beetroots’ Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, it all started in 2007, the year Sir Bob founde the concept.

In the space of months only, the dj set (with his partner in crime Tommy Tea) mesmerizes audiences, ignited dancefloors whilst the music revolutionized the charts.

Sponsored by the godfathers of French electro Etienne de Crecy and Alex Gopher, Bob appears in international festivals and churns out remixes at a frenetic pace. His original compositions are demonic and inspired, especially the incredible ?Rombo? (an explicit reference to Italian Futurism) (2008) and ?Cornelius? (a tribute to Michael Moorcock) (2008) with a video that?s storming the Net.

His Music contains multiple influences ranging from the trash comic world of Tanino Liberatore, the punk spirit of The Sex Pistols and The Damned, the melancholy of new wave, disco fever, pop music, the classical music of Beethoven, Chopin and Debussy, science fiction, the tortured romanticism of Baudelaire and Leopardi, traditional Venetian masks and Zanni, the legacy of opera.

?Warp? consecrates his knighthood: he joins Dim Mak Records, the label run by Steve Aoki, the child prodigy of electro. Dim Mak releases the album ?Romborama?, featuring among others, The Cool Kids, Vicarious Bliss and Justin Pearson of The Locust. The awe-inspiring artwork by Tanino Liberatore, creator of the comic book RanXerox, exemplifies the multi-faceted and transversal identity of the project.

After being compared to Justice and Daft Punk, The Bloody Beetroots gain the status of international star in his own right.

Then come ‘Domino’ and the Death Crew 77 tour.

Sir Bob has his own personal vision of the connection between stage and audience, and the tour inaugurates a new form of musical creation, an artistic experiment based on the principle of chaos.

The Bloody B. Dj Set & Death Crew 77 are on a planetary electropunk odyssey, leaving an unbridled, ecstatic public in their wake. And what are the ingredients of this musical feat? Mix the classical but audacious rigor of Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo with the energy of Tommy Tea and the rhytmic sense of the drummer Battle.

A self-sufficient universe where craziness takes the shape of a perpetually changing postmodern opera with an aggravated desire to keep the audience constantly on its toes in countless ways… remixes, collaborations, videos, photo sessions, releases,… Thus Sir Bob strikes everywhere Unpredictably. Forcefully.

He presents himself to the world wearing the symbolic Venom mask whose dark anonymity feeds his music and the fantasy it generates, causing his rebel clubber image to implode as he unites so many artistic global talents around a common creative cause. His aim? To provoke multiple cultural explosions in the trail of a music that is at once visceral and seismic, And so specifically his.

Aesthetic maturity and bold creativity. If his instinctive use of the web and new technologies position him at the cutting edge of avant-garde art, he will primarily be remembered as the flagship of the cultural awakening of a generation.

The final proof of his invasion of popular culture are his side projects for Interscope, Electronic Arts, Activision, Cbs, Epitaph, Sony, Ministry Of Sound,Universal, Skins, Csi Miami, Entourage, Fast 5, Need For Speed and Dj Hero 2.

Since 2007 he has been constantly present in the iTunes?s top ten chart in the electronic genre.


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