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Greg Banks

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A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Gregory Banks is not your average artist. In a time where mediocrity has become the norm in an ever-changing music industry, only a few singers shine as true artists. He has opened up for Multi-Platinum artist Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Mike Jones, and Jazzy Jeff; won a B.E.T College Tour Competition; has been featured on many radio stations and local television shows; and was a finalist in Andre Harrell’s Superstar Soul Search Competition. With these being only some of his variant achievements, Greg Banks continually puts his best foot forward to strive in this industry.

His lyrics having an abysmal connotation with a sound that is hard to define; his music has become a branch of the 90’s groove, and he is recognized as a prolific crooner of the now. Equipped with one of the most distinctive styles in the music business; Mr. Banks is bent on taking urban music forward. With his soothing tunes, genteel melodies, and charismatic charm one cannot help but to concede to the strong gravitational pull to his music.

In 2007, Greg Banks career launched with the partnership of Bay area’s artist G-Eazy and the creating of their hit single “Candy Girl”. Having over 425,000 plays on MySpace, the two created a music video which garnished over 80,000 views on YouTube and nominated for an mtvU Woody-Award.

In 2009, Greg Banks released his independent debut, The Time is Now, which erupted his buzz as the new R&B sensation. Currently unsigned, Greg Banks has over 3,600 fans on MySpace with over 80,000 song plays, and over 10,000 fans on Facebook. In addition, Greg Banks has also written 3 songs on songstress Kourtney Heart’s 9 track album “Eye Dee Kay”. Heart, a newcomer to the industry, was recently picked up by Jive Records. Jive expressed a strong liking for 2 of the 3 songs that Banks wrote for Heart, songs that both Banks as the mastermind behind the lyrics and Heart as the songbird; collaborated exceedingly well on- well enough to capture the attention of the prestigious Jive Records.

However the superiority of Mr. Banks doesn’t stop with his musicality; Comparable to Fonzworth Bentley, Greg is truly deemed a trendsetter. Being the jack of all trades and the master of plenty; he has matriculated the arts of singing, songwriting, acting and modeling. Yet his dexterity doesn’t stop there. He infuses his sophisticated, urban style into the R&B fashion world. With his eccentric style and statuesque demeanor one can’t help but to notice Greg Banks. Vibrant colors, bold prints, and the clean well-kept manner define this GQ man. His distinctive style is inspired by the Harlem Renaissance, which was the height of elegance; his musicality being a wondrous whirlpool of the musical ingenuity and unequaled artistry of Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Smokie Robinson and others. With his eccentric style, his unique taste for fashion, a voice that is unmatched and unparalleled, and an outgoing performance with his band “The Crooners”, it is no exaggeration that the world of music will never be the same.


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