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"Pacific Northwesterners Orca Team['s] music is like a '50s dance party on a submarine with Tim Gane piloting." - Bill Pearis / Brooklyn Vegan "...20,000 fathoms deep, underwater heartbeats, a surf twang but no baggies, dress to impress, keep out of the water- I'm seeing red velvet drapes as a backdrop, bruised knees and skinned ankles..." - Andy Hart / Indietracks 2012 "They’re one of the best-dressed bands of the decade." - Ana-Them Records "...bands like ORCA TEAM—or really any musicians doing a vaguely throwback thing—are, affectionately or not, ironically recontextualizing the cultural material of the time-specific genres they’re mining for inspiration." - Jason Baxter / The Seattle Stranger "The tone is more rusty garage than sandy vista, as Orca Team is punk rock stripped of almost all outerwear." - Todd Martens / LA Times Music Blog "Anders is wearing a dark sweater and a bowtie; his penchant for wearing tuxedos onstage (he owns several after a brief stint working at a tux shop) next to B.'s usual uniform of chic cocktail dresses attracts a lot of attention to the band's smart appearance." - Erin Thompson / The Seattle Weekly "But everything transcends decades here: the crooning sound Leif Anders brings to the table that is early-’50s and the matching outfits of the group that are later that decade; the surf rock and the dancing that goes with it go into the early-’60s before the acid took hold of that generation." - Wil Petty / Red & Black (Uni. of Georgia) "(Anders) seemed to glide around the stage, and his slick footwork combined with his frenetic and skillful work on the bass made for an impressive set that made me want to take this band to the beach and just have them provide the soundtrack to my day." - Ross Bernhardt / Charged.FM


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