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Fall Lust Night Saturday October 27th, 2012 5:00-7:00pm[*] $15 Ticket information is in the tickets and store section of this website. Fall Lust Night is an early evening of pumpkins and autumn's blissful melancholy with readings and music that probably have nothing to do with fall or Halloween or anything. Though if you are one of those people who gets dressed up and goes out to get drunk in costume to ensure the end-of-night dehydrated and smeared make-up or costume-apparatuses-in-disarray (which is pretty classy stuff), feel free to come dressed up before the big night. This night is a charity benefit for the New York Writers Coalition. New York Writers Coalition mission statement: NY Writers Coalition Inc. (NYWC) provides free creative writing workshops throughout New York City for people from groups that have been historically deprived of voice in our society. We also publish our workshop participants' writing and organize public readings of their work. Writing with others in an atmosphere of respect and acceptance, participants discover the value of their own stories, gain confidence and a stronger sense of self and become less isolated from themselves and from society. By creating a community of writers and leaders from diverse backgrounds, we galvanize the voices of the marginalized and create opportunities for all writers to connect with the larger community. NYWC's goal is to create an inclusive city, one that is aware of the diversity of voices within it and honors the lives of all of its citizens. We believe: Everyone is a writer, regardless of prior writing experience and formal education; Through encouragement and support, people grow as writers and artists; In the value of the uniqueness of every individual's voice; Each person's experiences are a source of strength and power as a writer and an artist; In creating and maintaining a non-judgmental, open and respectful community where everyone is encouraged to support and listen to each other and to take risks and grow as writers; Each person, through writing, can shape and influence the lives of others; We can achieve social change by providing access and opportunity for all writers, regardless of race, ethnicity, class, age, gender, sexual orientation and physical ability. Line Up: Veronica Gorodetskaya is a native of St. Petersburg, Russia. Having earned a B.A. from The City College of New York in comparative literature, she is currently teaching in a New York City public High School while pursuing an M.A in Education. She spent five years living and working in Rome before returning to Brooklyn. Her short story "A New Wife" has been published at Fiction online and she is now at work on a series of short stories about her time in Italy. ( Meaner Pencil Aaron Zimmerman founded the New York Writers Coalition based on the success of the workshops he began in April 2000 at The Prince George, a supportive housing community for low-income, formerly homeless and special-needs populations. He has been leading creative writing workshops since 1997 through Manhattan Writers, a writing workshop program he founded. In that time, he has worked with hundreds of writers of all genres, ages and backgrounds. He was named as a 2005 Petra Fellow by The Petra Foundation for his distinctive contributions to the rights, dignity and autonomy of others. He was named as one of the Top 100 New Yorkers of 2003 by New York Resident magazine for his work with NYWC. He also has taught creative writing at City College. Mr. Zimmerman has an MA in Creative Writing from City College. His novel, By The Time You Finish This Book You Might Be Dead (Spuyten Duyvil, October 2003), was selected by Poets and Writers as a New and Noteworthy book. His fiction and poetry have appeared in numerous literary magazines, including The Brooklyn Rail, Georgetown Review, South Dakota Review, Jeopardy and Mid-America Poetry Review. In addition, Mr. Zimmerman has extensive business and legal experience in the entertainment field, most recently as Director of Law Administration for Showtime Networks Inc. Margaret Miller's piece entitled "Writer" will be read by Renata. It is a true story about a writer who tries her hand at prostitution for a night, starting with a Craigslist ad. A candid look at the exemplification of options and financial strife a writer who does not have money faces, and those who are fortunate enough are able to do things such as prostitute themselves for a pretty decent amount of cash. Margaret is a writer currently living in Dublin. Born and raised in West Texas, she moved to New York when she was 18 to attend NYU Tisch School of the Arts where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Theater and Religious Studies, after which she worked as a housecleaner and babysitter in New York City for eight years. An essay and short story writer, she is in Ireland earning her Masters in Playwriting from Trinity. Margaret will be the host and organizer of the sister series to The Love Reading Series at Arlene's Grocery (nyc) in Dublin in the near future. She is also one of our "second readers" (submissions). [*] This is a one-time-only time for the series. We can thank those who are getting drunk in bars in the name of Halloween four days before the actual Halloween because they have work the morning after the real one. It's all kind of interchangeable with St. Patrick's Day, LES bars on Friday and Saturday nights for the past several years, and certain kinds of birthdays.


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