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The Vignatis

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Fabrice was born in France in the Alps in a little town called Aix Les Bains, known for its healing spa. France has always been a country which appreciates Rock’n Roll and especially Rockabilly music and of course is the birth country of Gypsy Jazz music. Tracy is a California born Air Force Brat moving from base to base spending half of her childhood in Georgia with its deep Americana roots rich in hospitality with Country music dominating the state. Fabrice and Tracy are the Gypsybilly music pop singing duo THE VIGNATIS. “We write with regard to topics from life’s struggles, childhood insecurities, love, travels and world peace,” says Fabrice. “Part of our message is for each person to become happy by becoming aware of the nature of their own lives,” says Tracy. THE VIGNATIS blend English and French vocals with Gypsy orchestration featuring acoustic guitar, clarinet, accordion and violin, swingin’ drivin’ rockin’ drum beats with modern/vintage instrumentation of electric guitar and upright slap bass as used in Rockabilly. Their unique sound also has the Southern twang of a honky-tonk piano and pedal steel. This new genre of music, GYPSYBILLY, is a melange of Rockabilly, Gypsy, Country and Jazz. THE VIGNATIS recorded their first CD “Birth of the Gypsybilly” and released it in February 2009 on their own label GB Music, recorded with Bernie Dresel on drums and John “Spazz” Hatton on upright bass, both from the Grammy Nominated rhythm section of the 2001-2006 Brian Setzer Orchestra along with the Grammy Award winning violinist Charlie Bisharat. THE VIGNATIS are now releasing a second CD entitled, “Birth of the Gypsybilly Vol. 2” with the same musicians. Fabrice and Tracy have each been singing and writing music since a very young age. Fabrice plays guitar. “You can do everything on a guitar,” says Fabrice. “Harmony, rhythm and melody. For me, it’s a great instrument for writing.” Tracy plays clarinet and piano. “I chose clarinet against my will in 7th grade,” says Tracy. “My mom didn’t want me to play my first choice of trumpet. She must’ve known what was best because I really connect with the clarinet and its nerdy ways," says Tracy. "Sometimes a melody/hook will come to us separately and we will build around it together or Fabrice will write a structure with a general melody and I will embellish it and add lyrics or we each write our own songs,” says Tracy. “When I co-write with Tracy, I come up with a chord progression that hopefully will inspire her to come up with a great melody and then either she or I or both write the lyrics,” says Fabrice. As a contemporary, hybrid duo, there are many different styles with which they “Crossroads.” They would love to tour with Brad Paisley, Brian Setzer, Chris Isaak, Eric Clapton, Trace Adkins, Vince Gill, B.B. King, Zac Brown Band, Royal Crown Revue, Paris Combo, Sanseverino, Pink, Lady Gaga, or U2, to name a few. “What these people do is so creative and true. We can so relate to them just as we hope our fans can relate to us.”


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