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Purdue Avenue

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Formed in late 2008, Purdue Avenue, who's been compared to a cross between a young Weezer and Sublime, has been on a musical war path of delightful destruction ever since they're first show opening for world renowned rock band, Moshav. After the success of their first performance, Purdue Avenue decided to record a 3 song self-titled demo. The demo was passed around to family, friends, and devoted fans alike, and the immediate reaction was all they needed to know they'd be doing this for the rest of their lives. They played all over the greater Los Angeles region and kept at their craft while continuously writing new material. It wasn't till about 3 years later when they got back in the studio to record their 5 song debut EP - Alone At The Bar - in 2011. Despite being ecstatic to have a new record out, the lead singer of the band, Cobe Schwartz, had to attend a program abroad for 6 months. Although this was a bit disheartening and a minor setback in such an opportune time, the other members of the band - Shmush Schwartz (yes, brothers), Mendy Shallman, and Yossi Lichy - held it together until their frontman came back to help PA rule the indie musical streets once again! With the band back together after a mere 6 month hiatus, Purdue Avenue has been at their grind again and playing shows all over Orange County and the rest of California. Their full-length debut LP, still yet to be titled, is expected to be out early in 2014. This band is the next big thing. They will be taking over arenas across the universe sooner than we can even imagine. Just you watch.


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