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Tom English

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Tom English – Singer and Song Writer. Lead singer and Lyricist for ten years in Primitech – A Performance Art Troupe based in New England – Performed mostly in Maine, Massachusetts, New York. It was a three member band using Drums, synthesizers, guest musicians playing guitar, oboe, flute, and violin. We were cutting edge visually, wearing only body paint, loincloths, paper bags, computer paper – we actually painted the audience! They would line up like they were receiving Communion! Strong Environmental focus in our music, conceptually grounded in cutting edge space probe discoveries, science and technology, combined with Ancient Primitive Ritual. WE performed everywhere from Art Fairs to The Limelight in New York, Landsdown Street in Boston and at New Age Festivals all over the North East. I was number two in the Draft Lottery. I was a Conscientious Objector Medic in the Army ‘70’72, and I have been Passionately Pro-Peace ever since. I have been writing songs for the Peace “Agenda” and singing them at rallies and fundraisers and Marches and Demonstrations in New York, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, wherever the “cause” or the Kucinich Campaign or the Marcy Winograd Campaign, or the Office Of The Americas ( Blaze and Theresa Bon Pane) has needed me. I recorded my CD “Banish War” in ’06 and the songs have been played on various shows on KPFK here in Los Angeles, and on BAI in New York, and other progressive Radio Stations around the country. I also paint and draw, and currently work on Murals and Wall Effects in private homes and restaurants and offices. My current objective is to get Democrats out to vote – because Republicans are stupid, and they do.


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