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Suzanne Real

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The creation of the Suzanne Real band was the next logical step between fellow musicians with a common goal and a very long history of making great music together. The band itself is an offshoot of “The Shirts”, a very popular band of the early eighties that was signed to EMI & Capitol records for about 4 years. Johnny Zeeek and Bob Racioppo have been a rhythm section for over 35 years and are considered one of the best rhythm sections in the business today. Johnny Amato brings guitar playing to an entirely different level with infectious lead breaks and an undeniable love and perfection for his art. These 3 members of The Shirts have now shifted gears to launch the career of a new-bee to the music industry with the chops and power to certainly get recognized as a breath of fresh air in the female singer’s arena. Suzanne Real has always been a singer, uninhibited and very forward about the roots of her passion; she brings a dynamic, soulful range of voices to the musical landscape with a flair for writing and expression. We hope you enjoy the 3 song demo and look forward to posting shows and new releases.


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