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Sons of Summer

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The end of a long tour, a broken down RV and a generous friend led Julieanne and Clint Crighton to New York City. They had been on tour. Camping up the west coast of the US and then half way across Canada. Starting at Dockwheiler in Los Angeles and ending in Salt Saint Marie, Michigan. “We had our guitar cases filled with all kinds of things in Willits, hiked through the redwoods in Felton, met long lost relatives in Vancouver Island and stood on top of the Rocky Mountains in Canada – it was an adventure to say the least” says Clint. On that tour lasting four months the duo now known as Sons of Summer played almost everywhere. From Opening for superstar Sheryl Crow to playing house parties, bars, coffee shops, small festivals, theatres and beach parties. “Clint was promoting his solo music, I was just enjoying the adventure. We’d write together a lot, but hadn’t really thought of starting a band” Julieanne explains. “We drove further north. The winter set in and the cold was wreaking havoc on the 1979 Southwind we were traveling in. The breakdowns were frequent and she was falling apart”. The pair abandoned ship and rafted to NYC - a curious place to land with empty pockets. Once in New York, they stayed with long time friend James Sarzotti, a writer and poet who Clint had met in Beijing during 2005. Julieanne and Clint began writing more music together and wanted to perform in a warmer atmosphere than the wintery New York City subways where they had been busking. “It didn't take long to realize that busking wasn't quite enough to sustain a life and start a band in New York. So, I had some ideas about where we could live, play music and write together everyday” says Clint. That place was China. Jules and Clint had been there before. “The first time I was 18, singing in a blues band in Beijing. I had made some friends from different parts of the country who helped us find a regular gig and a place to stay” Clint explains. Over the following year Julieanne and Clint spent six months in one of the fastest growing cities in the world, Shenzhen. There, they played in a rock club called 'True Color' six nights a week. Spending their days writing music and exploring the city. “Coming from 'the city that never sleeps', Shenzhen was a totally new experience and made NYC seem kind of narcoleptic” Julieanne jokes. The duo missed Australia but getting back to the USA was what they wanted to do. Having spent some time living on both coasts of the US they wanted a change. “New York was too expensive and Clint and I weren't really up for living in LA again” explains Jules. Nashville became the most obvious choice and in late 2010 they landed in Tennessee. Julieanne and Clint immediately started building a life there in a very organic way. Having gone through a number transitional periods with other musicians, they met member of Crowded House Matt Sherrod (drums) and renown bassist David Labruyere (John Mayer). That pair became the rhythm section for the band and a large part of shaping the sound. “We recorded a bunch of demo’s with various people, musicians and studios. However, when we first jammed at Matt’s house we realized that we were onto something special. We began jamming and recording on a regular basis. From those recordings we have put together our first EP” Sons of Summer are continuing to build a name for themselves in the South East region of the US. 2012 will see them release their debut EP as well as tour throughout Australia and the US. This indie folk rock duo is a must see. This is just the beginning.


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