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Sister Anne

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This woman-heavy gang of rockers takes its name straight from those most infamous of Detroit ‘60s bad-boys, the MC5. But this ain’t no retro act. Because just as the ‘Five channeled the spirit of Chuck Berry and Coltrane before them, Sister Anne taps into all things punk, rock, and soul — a Tina Turner scream here, a Black Sabbath bassline there, a little bit of James Brown and a whole lotta Iggy and the Stooges — and stuffs the whole mess into its sparkling 21st-century blender. The result is something at once familiar and brand spankin’ new — a frantic, panting, female soul-punk monster that grabs Garage Rock by the scruff of its skinny white neck and shoves it, face first, back into the sweaty rhythm-and-blues murk from whence it sprang.


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