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Ozy Reigns

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OZY REIGNS is the FUTURE. "The MC of tomorrow, today and yesterday as well." Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, Ozy left home after graduating high school to study film at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia. It was in Atlanta that he blossomed as a writer, lyricist, performer, filmmaker and thus as an artist. Ozy was very well known as one of the stars of Clark Atlanta's Communications department and later as one of the premier artists in Atlanta's underground music scene. With producers such as Illastrate, Koda aka Platipus Jones and D.R.U.G.S. he has crafted some of Hip Hops most creative and edgy songs to date. Tunes such as "OZ," "ALB (Art, Luv & Booties), "93 BPMs," and "Reign of Fire" have gained him the most notoriety. Today Ozy Reigns resides in Hollywood, California where he studies acting and is a rising star of the silver screen and music scene. Like his influences from Andre 3000 to Nas, he continues to push the envelope musically. Currently on the horizon is the anticipated viral release of his full-length LP "Exciting Times." "Exciting Times" is the follow up to Ozy's "The Last Dragon Mixtape," and was originally released to rave reviews in limited areas around the south east. Production on this project was handled by D.R.U.G.S., Illastrate, Jae Scott, Koda, Amdex, Rock Most, Mr. Q, C-Dubb and DJ Shakim. "E.T." has guest appearances by a hand-full of Hip Hop's underground elite including Clan Destined, Boog Brown, Nefarious, Stanza, Methuzulah, Senor Kaos, Naira, Dynas, Stahhr, Akir, Dat Boy Tragic, Tori Alamaze, Binkis Recs, Fort Knox and Dean Caine! Now being released on his label MOONDOX, Ltd., the world will get to experience Ozy's first solo LP as well as the music video for his new single "Envy."


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