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Custom Made

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Custom Made (also known as C-Made) is an American hip-hop trio from Los Angeles, California known for their reality based mixtape series, Street Cinema. The group is made up of emcees Element, Bluff and Scavie Scoobs. Diverting from the G-funk blueprint followed by many west coast rappers, Los Angeles street-rap outfit Custom Made draw their inspiration from the cold, grimy soundscapes of east coast groups like Mobb Deep and the Wu-Tang Clan. Like many New York hip-hop acts, the trio earned their keep dishing out their own grimy, hardcore mixtapes, selling over 100,000 units within only a few years of their formation. In 2002, Bluff, Element and Scoobs formed the group at their high school in LA. In 2004, they offered their first straight-to-street album, LA State of Mind. The following year, they stepped up their hustle with a string of more mixtapes and gained popularity particularly with their Street Cinema series. With the arrival of the series’ third installment, The Blackboard Jungle (2006), Custom Made enjoyed their most success and began receiving many offers from several labels. Brushing off the majors, they decided to go the independent route and chose to sign with Babygrande in 2006. That same year, Babygrande issued Sidewalk Mindtalk, a synopsis of their best mixtapes. Their proper debut album was intended to be released very soon after their signing, but was delayed for a few years by Babygrande. The material was then converted into Truth Be Told, which was released by Rawkus in 2007. Their Babygrande debut, Original Dynasty, finally appeared in 2008. In 2009 the group left Babygrande and released the The Lost Weekend independently. Most recently they teamed with NY indie Coalmine Records to drop the critically acclaimed, Hi-Def (2010).


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