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Stellar Ego

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Remember when you used to buy an album, and every song deserved a listen? Stellar Ego does. In this throwaway music world, NYC based Stellar Ego makes music that sticks – the kind that won’t sit around waiting to come up on shuffle on your iPod. Drawing inspiration from the kinds of bands that still get radio play decades after their debuts – Floyd, Johnny Cash, Zeppelin, U2, The Stones – Stellar Ego makes classic rock for modern times. But while this musical ethos shapes the Stellar Ego sound, there’s always a story behind the song. What you hear in this band is not only the sound of rock giants but also the incredible lives and times of Stellar Ego founder Guy Prandstatter. Guy’s story starts in 1960s New Jersey. Trouble at home led to Guy and his brothers being placed in a state run youth facility. The scars left by his childhood ran deep. Guy fell into drug and alcohol abuse. Another thing he fell into was music. He turned first to a drum kit and then to songwriting. Penning lyrics started as way for Guy to work out some of his anger. Along the way, he found out he had more to talk about than the bad stuff. Instead, he tapped into a treasure trove of inspiration he wanted to share. Guy dropped the drugs, became a regular on the music circuit and opened two tattoo parlors. Then, at age 30, he suddenly stopped playing. He spent nearly 14 years silent, until on his 43rd birthday, he discovered he had something to say again. After hooking up with his Stellar Ego band mates online, Guy rediscovered his musical self. Since then, he has been making up for those dormant years in the form of over 100 new songs since 2007. Throughout his musical ups and downs, Guy never forgot about his past, and now music has given him a another opportunity to indulge a life’s mission – servicing abandoned and abused kids to help spare them some of his experiences. He works closely New Jersey’s Youth Consultation Services (YCS), a charity group that supports children’s programs. Guy has organized a number of music based fundraisers for the group in hopes of helping them build a summer camps for kids in children’s homes. For Stellar Ego, this kind of work is a theme. Forget youthful rockstar fantasies – making music is about making a difference. Guy also has joined the fight to end Human Trafficking by supporting The Somaly Mam Foundation . There you have it – the story behind the songs of Stellar Ego. Joined by Cameron Mizell, Ben Kogan and Danny Wolf, Guy steps out as Stellar Ego regularly on the NYC music scene. Their debut album, Fear of Flying, is available on ( ). When you listen to the record, you will see deep introspective lyrics, guitar driven hooks, dynamic and melodic melodies - it’s a journey from beginning till end. So get on the Stellar Ego express, take the ride and face your Fear Of Flying.


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