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Jason Reeves

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An in-demand songwriter, Jason Reeves has co-written chart-topping hits like “Bubbly” and “Realize” from Colbie Caillat’s platinum-selling debut, Coco, as well as tracks for everyone from Tyrone Wells, Angel Taylor and Lenka; the latter of which had one of 2009’s most-synched songs around the world with a Reeves composition, “The Show”. Reeves has also won over live audiences in the United States, England, and Japan. For his newest record "The Lovesick" Reeves enlisted the help of a couple friends to add another dimension to two standout songs. Kara DioGuardi lends her unmistakable pipes to the powerful “No One Ever Taught Us.” The two play off each other effortlessly, creating a calculated rhythmic conversation that’s engaging from start to finish. Reeves enthuses, “It’s a really intense song, and I needed a strong voice like hers. She was perfect for it, and it makes the track.” After collaborating with Reeves on her first two albums, Colbie Caillat returns the favor on “No Lies.” Reeves says: “I love how excited Colbie got when she heard the new music, and I’m really lucky she wanted to be involved. Her part is gorgeous.” DioGuardi and Caillat add a lot of depth, but the brilliance of The Lovesick comes directly from Reeves. "I want to fully explore life through songs, and this album is just another step towards that. It’s a whirlwind. The Lovesick captures real life on songs placed next to each other forming a broken-up story. It’s the fingerprints of a beautiful real-life event between two human beings. I’m singing a story of a moment in my life. It's as real as I could make it. It's life." In the end, we’re all Lovesick to a degree, and that’s why Reeves’s music will resonate. He concludes, “When I write, I'm not afraid to say exactly what I'm feeling. Each word is completely honest, literal, and real. I'm not trying to be cool, and I'm not trying to write a hit song to impress somebody. I just hope the music makes people feel.” There’s no doubt that listeners will feel every note of The Lovesick for a long time to come.


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