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Elysian Fields

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Legendary cult heroes Elysian Fields have always travelled in mysterious waters. Led by the enigmatic New York co-composers Jennifer Charles (vocals) and Oren Bloedow (guitar), the music born of their collaboration is impossible to categorize. They carry a torch for nature, sex, love, the cycle of death and rebirth, and the sounds of folk and jazz ballads, no wave and classical music, seamlessly interwoven into a style that is at once languorously romantic and tough.

Long known to European audiences where they have been lionized, the paradox is that in their home country, their art has gone largely unnoticed, but to the musical cognoscenti and in the know music Hop-heads.
Oren Bloedow, a New York maverick, brings not only his masterly and unique command of the guitar to the stage, but his unparralled finesse of song craft.
Co writer Jennifer Charles is possessed of unusual songsmithery and spirit; she seems to be channneling the songs from a mysterious source. She is both poet and siren, her rich voice of velvet, flush with emotion, entwining around one's heart.

This Mint concert marks their first LA show in five years; due to their reclusive nature, they rarely tour. As if that we'ren't enough, this also marks their West Coast launch for their latest album Last Night On Earth (out recently on Ojet Records). The new album was recorded in a cold water flat in Crown Heights Brooklyn. It was created with a cast of musicians including such long-standing allies as Ed Pastorini, Thomas Bartlett (Doveman), Matt Johnson (Jeff Buckley), John Medeski, Jim Thirlwell, The Antibalas horns, and members of Antony and the Johnsons and Bon Ivers band. It is the seventh Elysian Fields album, in their sixteen year career. And notably, their first relase Stateside in ten years.

As befits this much-respected partnership born in New York's thriving Downtown community, EF has always leaned heavily on jazz and the avant garde. But this new record digs a little deeper into their musical history, going back to a time when they first fell in love with the radio as kids. In seven albums Elysian Fields have never made music more immediate and visceral . And in "Last Night On Earth" they have created a new 'classic' rock record.

If you've never been to see them, this is a rare chance. Elysian Fields music should be experienced live, where the potency of the duos music can be experienced first hand. Their work is infused with imagination and an undeniable authenticity. Snap up your tickets now!


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