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  • Hidden Amongst Us

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    Debut EP "Echo" (mixed by Matt Hyde - Monster Magnet, ASG, Deftones, Slayer) and a limited edition 12" vinyl double EP containing "Echo" and a vinyl only pre-release of HAU's second EP, "Parallel" (due out September 2nd) is available now!

  • Vox Amoris

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    Vox Amoris is a 3 piece Alternative/Progressive Rock band from Long Beach.

  • Larry Amoros

    Larry Amoros View Profile

  • Tori Amos

    Tori Amos View Profile

    Tori Amos (born Myra Ellen Amos) was one of several female singer/songwriters who combined the stark lyrical attack of alternative rock with a distinctly '70s musical approach, creating music that fell between the orchestrated meditations of Kate Bush and the stripped-down poetics of Joni Mitchell. In addition, she revived the singer/songwriter traditions of the '70s while reestablishing the piano...

  • The Amputees

    The Amputees View Profile

    Rock N Roll from Harlem, Jersey, Texas, Bronx and Brooklyn.

  • David Amram

    David Amram View Profile

    David Amram has composed more than 100 orchestral and chamber music works, written many scores for Broadway theater and film, including the classic scores for the films Splendor in The Grass and The Manchurian Candidate; two operas, including the groundbreaking Holocaust opera The Final Ingredient; and the score for the landmark 1959 documentary Pull My Daisy, narrated by novelist Jack Kerouac. H...

  • The AMS Project

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  • Flux Amuck

    Flux Amuck View Profile

  • Beth Amy Rosenblatt

    Beth Amy Rosenblatt View Profile

    Having held positions as Vice President of Motion Pictures Music & Soundtracks at Miramax & Dimension Films, a music supervisor/consultant, artist rep, music clearance, licensing & business affairs person, and over the past few years a film/ TV development person & film producer, Beth really knows her way around the music & visual media industry.

  • Tragedy: An All-Metal Tribute to The Bee Gees

    Tragedy: An All-Metal Tribute to The Bee Gees View Profile

    Tragedy: All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees and Beyond, has changed the face of music forever. Tragedy takes your favorite Bee Gees, disco and soft-rock classics and reinvents them in a Heavy Metal fashion. The result is aural ecstasy. You may enter the Tragedy experience unaware of your latent appreciation for gooey soft rock or flamboyant metal, but you shall emerge forever humbled by the greatne...

  • Wasaname an Em

    Wasaname an Em View Profile

    Producer/Emcee, Allseer aka Amfm, Femcee/Vocalist, Simone Nia Rae and Lyricist, Imabeme make up the melodic and talented crew of  Wasaname an em. Hailing from Santa Ana and East Oakland, Wasaname an em have been delivering feel good flows for over 10 years .  “Miles Away” off their LP, “Spring Forward-Fall Back”, was recently featured as the Song of the Month on I...

  • Tati Ana

    Tati Ana View Profile

    "Kochkareva’s “voice eschews indie preciousness for richer timbres, bringing a worldly depth to songs about everything from personal triumph and tragedy to social graces and dreams.” - Brooklyn Academy of Music "It’s the kind of voice that conjures old school jazz and deep soul, mixed with a distinctly ambient quality that is entirely her own. It’s abrasive and syrupy, and it will most defini...

  •  anabot

    anabot View Profile

  • The Analog

    The Analog View Profile

  • Mt. Analogue

    Mt. Analogue View Profile

    You are far more powerful than you know. Funk is the only paradigm I operate in.   I have been making music for a very long time, I have been making electronic music since 2010.   og slippery slush DIRT DIRT.

  • Suzi Analogue

    Suzi Analogue View Profile

    Suzi Analogue is an American Soul, Electronic and Experimental music recording artist, songwriter and producer based in New York City & Philadelphia. She is an active member of the Klipmode crew alongside Mndsgn, Devonwho, and Knxwlege, all of whom she collaborates with frequently. In 2012, Suzi Analogue and Tokimonsta collaborated under the name “Analogue Monsta” to produce an ...

  • Skunk Anansie

    Skunk Anansie View Profile

    British alternative quartet Skunk Anansie played what their lead singer, Skin, called clit-rock -- an amalgam of heavy metal and black feminist rage. Skin began singing in high school for a classmate's band after considering the offer for over a year. Six years after that band broke up, the members of Skunk Anansie (including bass player Cass, guitarist Ace, and drummer Robbie France, who was repl...

  • Lost Anarchy Shocktober Fallout

    Lost Anarchy Shocktober Fallout View Profile

  • Trey Anastasio

    Trey Anastasio View Profile

    Since co-founding the seminal improv rock outfit Phish in 1983, guitarist, composer, and songwriter Trey Anastasio has explored a wide variety of musical pathways ranging from atonal fugues and elaborate charts with Phish to adventurous free jazz on his first solo project, Surrender to the Air (1996), to collaborations with the likes of Tom Marshall, Les Claypool, Philip Glass, Stewart Copeland, a...

  • Hector Anchondo

    Hector Anchondo View Profile

    Born just right of the Great Plains in Omaha, Nebraska and raised in the hills of the Ozark Mountains near Salem, Missouri where the verdant grassy hills and trees stretched for miles, this Missouri farm boy has been has been rapidly emerging as one of the mid-western blues artists to watch for. His influences range from Stevie Ray Vaughn and John Lee Hooker to the stories told by legendary cou...

  • Broken Anchor

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  • Eastern Anchors

    Eastern Anchors View Profile

    testing out guitars, fitted with hamers - Follow | Buy Album Watch the EA Rockumentary:

  • Bodacious Ancients

    Bodacious Ancients View Profile

    A handful of friends making music, pleasing ears, drinking beers.

  • DJ Ancona

    DJ Ancona View Profile

    Ancona aka Romy is a self taught musician making his way through the Hollywood and South Bay club circuit as an electronic music producer and performer. Having only been DJing for one year, Romy has quickly gained recognition amongst club owners and party goers as a reliable source of entertainment. While Romy Ancona does not have a specific genre, he most enjoys mixing various styles of house mus...

  • Pressed And

    Pressed And View Profile

    “Seemingly out of the ether, Pressed And shows up to ‘Raid’ with swaths of bells and haunted vocals that fluctuate wildly in pitch. This is real headphone candy that eventually uses a low-end swell to add a substantial soulful melody. You know how everyone says ’It’s like a movie’ and it’s never really true? This one actually is.” -RCRD LBL “It’s as if early Chemical Brothers had gone chil...

  • Love and a .38

    Love and a .38 View Profile

    Love and a .38 is a Rock band… and they’re truly very sorry about that. But the thing is… they have no other choice. Four guys from different parts of the country, who’s varied and shared experiences, triumphs, and failures have brought them all to Los Angeles with that same conclusion. In their short existence they have been tirelessly D.I.Y. in all aspects of their care...

  • Faun and A Pan Flute

    Faun and A Pan Flute View Profile

    Faun and a Pan Flute is: Adam Babar / Guitar Danny Bailey / Fretless Bass Daniel Betts / Drums Chris Childs / Marimba David Gray / Guitar John Gregg / Percussion Julian Hinshaw / Tuba Ben Shirley / Cello Peter Webb / Alto Saxophone

  • Dinner And A Suit

    Dinner And A Suit View Profile

    In a music world where genre lines are increasingly blurred, DINNER AND A SUIT has emerged with a sonic meld that resonates with familiarity and captivates with distinction. Formed in New Jersey by cousins Jonathan Capeci, Joey Beretta and Anthony Genca, the three looked to their lineage for a musical namesake. During the Great Depression, the trio’s great grandmother was a seamstress by day...

  • Eric and Aaron

    Eric and Aaron View Profile

    Eric and Aaron are a fearless, multi-talented duo based out of NYC. Their Indie Pop/Rock music mixes catchy, soaring, lyric-driven melodies with a powerfully emotional live show. Eric and Aaron's influences range from Ingrid Michaelson and Regina Spektor to Radiohead and Rachmaninoff. Aaron has used his phenomenal vocal range to sing all over the world with bands and rock operas, including a d...

  • Doria and Abouzied

    Doria and Abouzied View Profile

    Doria and Abouzied are the organist and drummer, respectively, of McTuff. Joe Doria – Hammond Organ / Keys With a strong library of original compositions, years of exciting performances heading up his own projects, as well as numerous sideman credits, musician and composer Joe Doria is an artist who is carving his own unique voice and sound on the Hammond organ and keys, adding de...

  • Ages and Ages

    Ages and Ages View Profile

    Ages and Ages is more than a band. It’s a collective of like-minded souls that believe in the power of music to change the world and elevate the spirit. Their music is bright and uplifting, with lyrics, penned by bandleader Tim Perry, that deliver serious introspective messages full of insight and consideration for others.   “When we made this album, we wanted a word to...

  • Mitch and AJ of Lose Control

    Mitch and AJ of Lose Control View Profile

  • Ben and Alex Morrison of The Brothers Comatose

    Ben and Alex Morrison of The Brothers Comatose View Profile

    Brothers Ben and Alex Morrison have been playing music together their whole lives. The origins of the Morrison brothers’ harmonic blend, as well as their compelling and introspective original songs, are rooted in family. When the brothers were young, their parents hosted the legendary “Morrison Music Parties” where they soaked in the spontaneous collaborations of musicians, earni...


    BOW AND ARROW View Profile

  • Birds and Arrows

    Birds and Arrows View Profile

    Andrea and Pete Connolly have written their lives into Birds and Arrows newly released record “Coyotes”. Inspired by their bucolic surroundings, the record was recorded at their small, 19th-century, school house turned cabin nestled in the woods on an 88 acre horse farm in Rougemont, NC. Mixed by Chris Stamey of the dB’s, “Coyotes” has a polished yet still organic sound that emotes desperation and...

  • Slings and Arrows

    Slings and Arrows View Profile

    Slings & Arrows have been a band for 2 years. In this short amount of time they have played three sold out shows at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, played The Sundance Film Festival, opened for The Mavericks, Junior Brown and The Old 97sas well as being featured as Lighting 100 artist of the week upon the release of their first single "That Was Me Then" which continues...

  • Allan and Ashcraft

    Allan and Ashcraft View Profile

  • Tom and Bart

    Tom and Bart View Profile

  • Rose and Ben

    Rose and Ben View Profile

  • Hughie Stone Fish and Ben Sheridan

    Hughie Stone Fish and Ben Sheridan View Profile

    An entertainer at heart, Hughie's shows are always exciting. Whether you're laughing between songs or crying during them, you will be engaged with Hughie from the moment the show starts. 'His honesty could almost make you uncomfortable, if you didn’t believe every word he sings – but you do, and so you go along song to song, amazed at both the humor and the sadness a song c...

  • Scott and Benji

    Scott and Benji View Profile

    Scott and Benji come into NYC from a small town in Western Massachusetts and from humble beginnings. Growing up together and being friends since 5th grade, they organically discovered their shared passion for music in 2014 when they became roommates. They would often come back to the apartment after a long day of work or a night out and play into the early hours of the morning (much to the pleasur...

  • Nancy and Beth

    Nancy and Beth View Profile

    In the Cool of the Day Jack, You're Dead

  • Bad and Blue

    Bad and Blue View Profile

    Bad and Blue is a Hip-Hop/Jazz collective from Tufts University and New England Conservatory with members hailing from Chicago, New York, and New England. We have played shows around the Boston and New York area since 2013 and released a full length album fall 2014. Our sound has been influenced by many artists including Esperanzing Spalding, Amy Winehouse, Thundercat, The Roots, and Mos Def. ...

  • Girls and Boys

    Girls and Boys View Profile

    The chance meeting between one girl and one boy has resulted in a fruitful musical partnership that grows by the day. Girls and Boys released their first album in October 2011, the impeccably produced The Feel of the Sun. Recorded in top studios around the Bay Area over the course of two years, The Feel of the Sun is filled with emotional, intricately woven songs that conjure feelings of loves los...

  • Lisa and Brian and Lisa

    Lisa and Brian and Lisa View Profile

  • Zach and Bridget

    Zach and Bridget View Profile

    Zach and Bridget... ...are an independent alt-county/americana duet comprised of songwriter/producer Zachary Galanis and musical theater actress/vocalist Bridget Schack. The two met while singing in a gospel choir and orchestra at a college in Los Angeles. Their music has been characterized as narrative and melodically-haunting. Galanis as a songwriter wants you to hear the story, but even more so...

  • Skull and Bullets

    Skull and Bullets View Profile


  • Rae and Christian

    Rae and Christian View Profile

    Rae & Christian emerged in the late '90s as a successor to the many stellar British production teams of the '90s, updating the rich urban grooves of Soul II Soul and Massive Attack with a bit more emphasis on classic hip-hop. The duo of Mark Rae and Steve Christian, often helped out by vocalist Veba, began recording together in 1995. Grand Central Records released several of their collaborative si...

  • DELETE artist and Cigarettes

    DELETE artist and Cigarettes View Profile

  • Lewis and Clark

    Lewis and Clark View Profile

    Lewis and Clark was formed by Andrew Brendel and Aaron Liebman at Syracuse University in October 2013. "I swear what I say sounds so clear to me"-- Andrew Brendel

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