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  • Lisa Alma

    Lisa Alma View Profile

    Lisa Alma blends her soothing voice with tranquil piano chords and pulsating electronic beats to create an encapsulating dream-pop universe. Her self-titled album’s melodramatic aura puts a contemporary spin on ’80’s pop music. Intoxicating sounds and contemplative lyrics produce a sense of depth on her powerful debut album. Lisa Alma – born in 1986 – hails from the city of Copenhagen, Denmark....

  • The Almond Butters

    The Almond Butters View Profile

  • The Almost

    The Almost View Profile

    The Almost is an emo solo project by Aaron Gillespie, drummer and occasional lead singer for Underoath, the Christian metalcore outfit he co-founded in 1998. Choosing to come out from behind the skins like his idol Dave Grohl before him, the Florida-bred Gillespie (who relocated to Salt Lake City in early 2007, following his marriage) wanted to explore a different outlet for his songwriting outsid...

  • Left Alone

    Left Alone View Profile

    Left Alone is a punk rock band from Wilmington, California. They were formed in May 1996 by lead vocalist and guitarist Elvis Cortez. Cortez formed his own label, Smelvis Records, to release Left Alone's records, and has since expanded the label to include numerous other underground bands. Cortez was also the owner of the PCH Club in Wilmington, which is now defunct. Left Alone's music has ska inf...

  • Let Alone

    Let Alone View Profile

  • Hop Along

    Hop Along View Profile

  • Jamie Alonge

    Jamie Alonge View Profile

    Singer-songwriter Jamie Alonge, tells his story through elements of rock, soul, folk and pop that will leave you wanting more. He writes and performs edgy songs that will lead you through the emotions of life and love with his smooth tenor vocals. With the album, “Coast 2 Coast” completed, Jamie will be performing live in support of the new music. He is excited to get his music out to ...

  • Cristela Alonzo

    Cristela Alonzo View Profile

  • Tara Alouise

    Tara Alouise View Profile

  • Jenni Alpert

    Jenni Alpert View Profile

    Wth her honest rich songwriting and soothing musical melodies, pop songstress Jenni Alpert's haunting, powerful, and sultry voice is grabbing listeners in every corner. Largely influenced by Carol King, Karen Carpenter, Rickie Lee Jones and Aimee Mann, Jenni Alpert is a unique web of eclectic soul pop. Her emotionally driven songs, converging modern day pop influences, have been featured ...

  • Seeking Alpha

    Seeking Alpha View Profile

    Seeking Alpha was born from a trio of like-minded individuals who had the bravery to play their musical instruments in unison to create desirable sounds for all to enjoy. Aside from mastering run-on sentences, Seeking Alpha initiates insightful melodic sounds, intuitive rhythms, alliteration, and a burning desire to continually improve. In other words, we are constantly creating one of the best t...

  • Dead Alphabet

    Dead Alphabet View Profile

    Dead Alphabet Biography Dead Alphabet met in a dark, airless room and attempted, inappropriately, to get their instruments to mate. Two years later, this is still their goal. The music spawned from the skins, cymbals, speakers and strings is a sexy, frenzied beast child. It’s loud, abrasive and doesn’t take no for an answer. It is not, however, a problem child: recent successes, i...

  • Clint Alphin

    Clint Alphin View Profile

  • Kristiane Alphson

    Kristiane Alphson View Profile

    17 year old singer/songwriter

  • The Alpine Camp

    The Alpine Camp View Profile

    The Alpine Camp is an endeavor that started as a musical challenge and blossomed into a larger obsession. Sounds of the outdoors channeled through live instrumentation were the parameters the band placed upon themselves. “We wanted to transmit the vibe of rock music through the medium typically used in folk, bluegrass and country bands”, says singer/guitarist Chris Be...

  • Swiss Alps

    Swiss Alps View Profile

    Swiss Alps started making music at the age of early childhood. Swiss Alps started on trumpet, then it progressed to trumpet and drums. its called drumpet. after it progressed to different instruments.

  • August Alsina

    August Alsina View Profile

  • Becky Alter

    Becky Alter View Profile

    A Los Angeles based artist, Becky Alter has been recognized for her vocals and style, described as having a voice that “rings clarity and perfection.”   Alter's debut album, BECKY ALTER, was released in 2012 … A collection of indie, blues, rock, and instrumental that has been regarded as having “catchy melodic hooks” and “hauntingly ...

  •  Alter Bridge

    Alter Bridge View Profile

  • Expert Alterations

    Expert Alterations View Profile

    This band likes The Fall

  • The Alternate Routes

    The Alternate Routes View Profile

    The Alternate Routes’ name suits them well. They’re a band that‘s never really fit in — in a good way. Without a definitive genre to reference or an established scene to rally behind them, they’ve been something of a rogue wave in an ocean of bands. They built a fan base the old fashioned way, by driving around the country in a big, white Ford Econoline van, winning c...

  • Dear Althea

    Dear Althea View Profile

    Taking a stylistic nod from Shirley Manson while channeling the attitude of the Riot Grrrl movement, Dear Althea effuses haunting & emotionally charged lyrics & melodies. A cross between indie rock legends Sonic Youth and the Breeders, they creates a girl-centric version of contemporary punk rock. Music available at including 2013 E.P. "...

  • Chris Altman

    Chris Altman View Profile

  • Dylan Altman

    Dylan Altman View Profile

  • Jeff Altman

    Jeff Altman View Profile

    Jeff's stand-up and acting have come a long way since those days. He appears regularly on "The Late Show with David Letterman," has guest-starred in dozens of network prime-time shows, such as "Caroline in the City," "Land's End" and "Baywatch," and has produced and starred in two critically-acclaimed Showtime specials – "Jeff Altman's Scrapbook" and "Sweet & Meaty." A few years ago, he record...

  • Marshall Altman

    Marshall Altman View Profile

  • Berklee Alumni

    Berklee Alumni View Profile

  • Lily Alunan

    Lily Alunan View Profile

  • Diego Alvarado

    Diego Alvarado View Profile

    Diego is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist, drummer, actor, and an anime artist. He started out as a dancer performing on TV and events. Diego started learning the piano at the age of 3 and found his vocal instrument at the age of 7. His main musical influences are Michael Jackson, John Mayer, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and James Brown. Diego moved to the United States to pursue his career a...

  • Alex Alvear & Mango Blue

    Alex Alvear & Mango Blue View Profile

    Alex Alvear & Mango Blue blends an exciting mixture of musical styles to create a refreshing new sound in Afro-Latin and World music, through songs of celebration and social conscience. Alex Alvear & Mango Blue is a high-powered, all-original music ensemble that has delighted audiences and promoters alike, throughout the Americas with its infectious sound. Led by Ecuadorian composer, ...

  • Tiffani Alvord

    Tiffani Alvord View Profile

  • Zach Alwin

    Zach Alwin View Profile

  •  Aly & Fila

    Aly & Fila View Profile

    is an Egyptian trance music duo made up of Aly Amr Fathalah (aka Aly) and Fadi Wassef Naguib (aka Fila). They host an internet radio show every Monday on Digitally Imported radio, called Future Sound of Egypt.  

  • 5 AM

    5 AM View Profile

    5AM is an Alternative R&B band based in LA, CA

  • Sixx AM

    Sixx AM View Profile

  • The AM

    The AM View Profile

    The AM is an alternative rock band that met at UCLA and formed in the fall of 2012. The band consists of Bryan Welch (vocals), Milan Rothfeld (guitar and background vocals), Greg Petersen (bass), and Josh Caine (drums). With a sound heavily influenced by bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Arctic Monkeys, The Cold War Kids, and Portugal. The Man, The AM’s music is colored with class...

  • The AM Acoustic Minds

    The AM Acoustic Minds View Profile

  • I am Demure

    I am Demure View Profile

  • You Am I

    You Am I View Profile

    Centered around the prolific songwriting skills of singer/guitarist Tim Rogers, pop group You Am I is one of the most successful and internationally admired Australian bands of the '90s. At home, they've scored three number one albums, Sonic Youth and Soundgarden are counted among their admirers, and Silverchair even named themselves after a You Am I song. Their influences combine the Who, the Sma...

  • I Am Lightning

    I Am Lightning View Profile

    I Am Lightning is an all new energetic 4 piece rock band hailing from the northern Delaware region. Featuring past members of The Solitary System, Joshua Fit For Battle, Round Robin, Welcome the Plague Year, Rarae Avis & Game Over! Their refreshing sound is equipped with catchy melodies, blasting choruses and layered harmonies that your ears will most appreciate

  • I am Love

    I am Love View Profile

    I Am Love: Doing More, With Less There are four things crucial to the survival of a culture: metamorphosis, growth, ascension, and movement. Even if that culture lives within a band. “It is necessary for survival,” says Kris Jackson of I Am Love. The band has gone through more than its share of changes since Joshua Christopher started it as a singer-songwriter project in the c...

  • I Am Snow Angel

    I Am Snow Angel View Profile

    I AM SNOW ANGEL is the new project from electronic artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Julie Kathryn. IASA explores the dynamic between predator and prey, humans and the otherworldly, and "real life" versus digital constructions.

  • I Am Strikes

    I Am Strikes View Profile

    something happened to me

  • I Am The Conqueror

    I Am The Conqueror View Profile

    I Am The Conqueror, in October 2011, transitioned from a bass driven hardcore/punk rock band to a melodic, dual singing, pop/punk band. Stephen Colbertson (Flight To Athena/Roman Burial) had been writing and recording flashy pop punk songs in his spare time, which in turn became the roots for this bands new direction. With the loss of our orignal bass player, Josh Dowhen (The Morning Riot) picked ...

  • I Am The Heat

    I Am The Heat View Profile

    I Am The Heat is 3 boys and one girl in brooklyn who love playing music and partying more than anyone else. We have successfully released 3 EP's and a single. We write new songs at every chance we get. We play shows wherever there are dancing girls and dancing boys. Check back often because we have a ton bad ass things that are going to be happening soon. More shows, more songs, more videos and...

  • I AM The Third

    I AM The Third View Profile

    "The city can get you down sometimes, but fortunately, it also offers an abundance of music that can serve as an antidote to its poison. Alec Stephens III, who goes by I Am The Third, composes what he calls “dream rock,” music to listen to while you’re chasing your aspirations in the concrete jungle. On the self-titled EP, Stephens’ inspirational music draws from ...

  • Ryan Amador

    Ryan Amador View Profile

      Like a blend of One Republic & John Legend, Ryan Amador releases his new EP "4S" with a concert celebration at WitZend.  This event will be the first in a 4-city Pacific Tour to share the new work with audiences along the coastline (Dates TBA).  Ryan is a prolific LA-based artist/songwriter best known for his music videos on YouTube. He is currently working on a ...

  • Ryan Amador

    Ryan Amador View Profile

    You know Ryan (you can call him Ryan). His single "Define Me" reached almost 300,000 views on Youtube and earned Ryan ASCAP's Robert Allen Award for songwriting in 2013.  You may have caught him when he toured in festivals in New York, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Brisbane, Australia. Well he's now back with his fourth release, his trademark visuals with a voice, and a ...

  • Brent Amaker and The Rodeo

    Brent Amaker and The Rodeo View Profile

    From desolate deserts to snow washed mountains, Brent Amaker and The Rodeo have been searching for the truth. This pursuit has produced numerous albums and taken them to venues across the world, in spotless matching threads, to perform their songs for a dedicated cult following. Their sound, which could aptly be described as a Morricone soundtrack written by Kraftwerk with dead serious classic cou...

  • Blank Amanda

    Blank Amanda View Profile

    Amanda Blank is a flamboyant dirty rapper from Philadelphia who is closely associated with Spank Rock and who has ties to the Baltimore club scene. Born Amanda Mallory, she began to establish herself nationally in 2006 with a guest feature on "Bump," a song from Spank Rock's acclaimed album YoYoYoYoYo (2006). Also in 2006 she was prominently featured on Bmore Gutter Music (2006), a full-length DJ ...

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